Let your customers
be your marketers

Graham adds a built-in marketing strategy to your Shopify products, making your products grow itself.


Graham is basically a growth loop which is a strategy that lets your product generate constant referrals in order to achieve continuous growth.

Example of companies that uses growth loops to grow:

Exponential Growth

Graham allows your active users to obtain greater value by attracting additional users to it, which leads to an exponential growth.

Off the Hamster Wheel

The majority of an entrepreneur's time is spent trying to get sales, and while this sometimes works, it often does not, and this is due to the excessive trying to do the same thing over and over again. If normal funnels did not work, then it is time to try other forms of marketing.


Graham includes all the features you need to create and sustain a growth loop for your Shopify store.


Hello, growth loops, and goodbye, funnels.

Funnels are one directional

Even if you have a great product, the only way to expand is to pump more money into the top of the funnel. This method simply cannot be sustained, and it is the reason why many fail.

Growth loops are the opposite

Rather of consistently spending more money into the top of the funnel in order to get more sales, growth loops lets your product expand as more customers convert. The more users you have, the more users you attract.